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B's 2019-2021


B's 10U: 2026-27


G's 14U: 2022-23


B's 14U: 2022-23


G's 2019-21 Gold


G's 12U: 2024-25


B's 12U: 2024-25


G's 2020-21 Silver


2018 SLV Eligibility Guidelines/Restrictions: All Scholastic Tournaments/Divisions

  • “The vast majority of players should meet both the “U” and graduation year criteria. In the event that a player does not meet both criteria, they must meet the graduation year criteria to participate. 
  • At every divisional level, there can be a maximum of (4) players whose age is above the “U” designation. 
  • Further, to participate in a high school tournament, a student athlete must not have graduated from high school, and therefore must have remaining high school eligibility, to exclude post-secondary (post-graduate) education.”
  • SLV makes every effort to facilitate and promote fair and safe competition. Burden is on the player, guardian, and coach to be aware of and in compliance with published eligibility guidelines/restrictions. SLV reserves the right to disqualify any player who is determined ineligible.